London-based photographer Phillip Hatcher has led an untypical lifestyle. He has travelled extensively capturing unique moments with his camera.
    •    In 2009, Phillip was employed by an extreme survival company in Guyana, South America to live in the jungle and document clients’ expeditions and native wildlife through a series of photographs. 
    •    The Guyana Tourism Authority invited Phillip to produce a series of photographs in which he captured intimately the daily lives of local indigenous groups and their relationship with the rainforest.
    •    In Sao Paulo in 2012, Phillip had the honour of presenting his first exhibition ‘Two Worlds’ in which he highlighted the contrasts and similarities between the natural world and urban living.
    •    In 2015, his portrait of a world-weary man with a defiant gaze  “No Sleep for Two Years' won first prize in City Lit's Portrait competition.
    •    For the ‘London Perspectives’ exhibition in 2015, Phillip was invited to the London Live TV channel to discuss how the series explores the highs and lows of the capital and its inhabitants.
    •    In 2020, in a departure from his usual vibrant style, Phillip has produced a series of sombre black and white nudes titled “The Struggle”.
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